Who we are?
and why we do, what we do

About us


As the inception of TECH Pakistan, we were determined to create a platform where we can generate jobs on micro level for masses, specifically in Pakistan for underprivileged community harnessing the potential of technology for good. As we have seen people working from dawn till dusk for very less compensation or sometime not even earning a single penny. Specifically females, on average a woman working in informal sector earns 2$ - 5$ a day.

With BlogsPay.com, we have revive this platform, into employment & fintech platform that provides young women with home based job opportunity following the capacity development trainings.

Girl Digital Leader is comprise of fully funded digital literacy, financial literacy & entrepreneurship bootcamp. The bootcamp is a 10 hours deliberately designed and focused curriculum based on capacity building training; alongside connecting them with a safe digital platform that empower young women to utilized it as their respective earning source. In addition to that “Girl Digital Leader” is determined to develop an influential gender specific, digitally aware cohort that intends to disrupt the world’s digital space with female voices.

Our Vision

To digitally and financially empower 1 Million Young Women across the globe

Our Mission

Following the SDG Goal #5 Gender Equality, we are cultivating equal and mutually benefiting environment for women to grow in the STEM fields.

Our Mantra

Women formed half of the total population of the WORLD. Better and Equal educational and lifestyle opportunities will have extempore impact over their lives and simultaneously creating prosperous and sustainable societies and economies.

Today we are determined to transform the lives of women via assisted, cross cutting and tailored made learning and development programs that will enable HER to become economically empowered impacting every live she touches.

We envisioned Tomorrow as healthy and prosperous society where girls are moving forward with no boundaries and discrimination.