Program Works

The Training

This is a Digital & Financial Training program for under graduate girls in small areas of Pakistan where our team reach and train them how to digitally utilize your skills & earn through using internet & smart phone while staying at your home, the training consist of the following features

1) Registration of Girls from Universities
2) Orientation program and brief about Girl Digital Leader
3) Utilization of Social Media
4) Research & current trends
5) Writing & content development skills
6) Using technology
7) Making things Viral
8) Optimization of Content
9) Sharing content
10) Opening Bank Account
11) Utilizing funds
12) Micro Loans
13) Cyber Crime & Security awareness


The Girl Digital Leader Certification is provided at the completion of 10 hours training to an undergraduate girl. With the help of Girl Digital Leader certification of using social media & content development, any girl can start freelancing & digital services to any organization or outsource from the market. With the help of research & utilizing best skills, a girl can earn upto 60,000 rupees a month in a short span of time.

Go Earn

Our website provides an opportunity to the girls who take complete training from Girl Digital Leader to start writing blogs & articles and earn. is the blogs market place where everyone shares very interesting blogs & articles about lifestyle, current trends, fashion, media & current affairs. BlogsPay provides payment against these blogs and a girl can easily get a good amount of money just writing blogs and doing vlogs from home using internet and a smart phone..

BlogsPay ensures that every writer should get a good traction and an handsome amount of money on monthly basis just be regular in writing on daily basis. The marketing team of BlogsPay doing social media marketing & optimization of content on 24/7 to generate more impact in the society and provide maximum opportunities to the people to earn extra income.